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Hi Csquare Learnings,

Thanks a lot for all your wishes...
Let me take this opportunity to thank my CSQRL trainer for the direction and guidance I received at Csquare and for guiding me all through this long journey of GMAT plus showing tremendous confidence in my abilities. This is my third attempt @ GMAT. I must say without my trainer and CSquare, a score of 700+ would have only remained a dream considering the fact that I am just an average guy (in fact, below average on verbal before coming over to Csquare).


In my first attempt I was not quite serious and hence scored 590. I shifted to Bangalore and came to know about Csquare through Paagalguy forum. I joined and started taking classes and preparing religiously. I met my trainer just 2 days before my scheduled appointment, he told me blatantly that I am going to screw this one (coz my mental state was hell nervous) and rightly so, I scored 610 (M49, V25). I met my trainer once more and that is when I analyzed my mistakes ---> "NOT FOLLOWING THE STRATEGIES COMPLETELY"

Math was quite satisfactory but I wanted a number or 2 more. I just practiced it on last 2 days before exam. All my attention was on CRs and RCs and my preparation went keeping the following in mind:-

* As taught in the Csquare classes, diagram every sentence one by one or else you may miss some information.
* Identify the question type correctly.

* Follow FIRE (exclusive at CSQRL) religiously.
* Do rephrase your answer (Step 3 of FIRE). Trust me it is REALLY important to do so. It helps a lot when you start eliminating answer choices.
* Practice, Practice and Practice (I used to do 4-6 passages on an avg. everyday).

* Know the rules of CSQRL. Know the idioms.

* My trainer had been shouting from the top of his throat and it will echo the same...."SKIP"
* Tabular method to solve data sufficiency types question is really effective.

Now some "Gyaan" regarding test taking....

* First and foremost, detach the sections from each other. Don’t carry the effect of your previous performance on your mind from one section to another.  
* Use scratch pads effectively. As CSQRL says ‘Do not keep anything in mind’ is the mantra to follow. 
* "DO NOT APPLY YOUR BRAIN"...follow CSQRL strategies completely.  They are really effective in actual GMAT. 
* Do not set any score in mind that you want to achieve (this was one of the main reason which made me nervous in my previous attempts).

Be focused guys, be passionate about cracking GMAT...c’mon it’s just another exam designed by humans for humans...always remember..."IT CAN BE CRACKED".

Being pure filmy at heart I must add "Agar kisi cheez ko sachchey dil se chaho, to puri kayanaat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jati haiӈjust put your heart and soul into it.

Thanks once again and 2 words to others who are still to take GMAT..."Chak de" (told you, Im fimly)

Vindhesh k. Srivastav

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