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..Divya Reddy
..Neeraj Kakkar
..Suresh Tata
..Nakul Agarwal
..Madhu Kurien
..Cijal Raj
..Prachi Misra
..Nikuj Poddar
..Jyoti Malik
..Navneet Baheti
..Madhu Smita
..Trivikram Prasad
..Vineet Kshirsagar
..Praveen Gupta
..Rahul Trivedi
..Vishant Jain
..Romit Acharya
..Rahul Saxena  


First of all thanks to Csquare Learnings to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and to guide me accordingly.

These are few key points which I found during the course tenure

  1. Course objective was clearly articulated at the beginning of the class.
  1. Csqrl has optimum amount of knowledge about the subject.

  2. Csqrl summarizes and emphasizes major points in discussion.

  3. Csqrl makes good use of examples and  illustrations.

  4. Csqrl encourages students to think about the material.

  5. Csqrl provides helpful feedback on assignments and class work.

  6. Csqrl seems to know when students don't understand the material

  7. Csqrl is  genuinely concerned  with the student progress and is actively helpful.

..:: Csquare Learnings Pvt Ltd ::..
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