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I profusely apologise for this delayed reply. I'm not sure if you still need the feedback but I will give it nevertheless. I am still so happy with your training. I've sent a friend who will train at your institute shortly. Whoever asks me for the best place to train for GMAT will be directed t Thankyou very much for the training. I am ever greatful for the training. Again sorry for the delay!

When I started perparing for the GMAT, at first it didn't seem so hard to score. But once I started working with a watch by my side, things changed completely. It seemed impossible to score decently on prep tests. However, once I worked with Kalyan things changed swiftly. His teachings are radical and to the point. On the test day, I was a bit nervous but as soon as the test started and I put into action the teachings of Kalyan, things went smoothly. I walked out of the test center with a 700 score in my hand, all thanks to the fine teaching imparted to me by CSquared Learnings and Kalyan.


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