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I improved my score by 50 points within 12 days of course completion, from 660 to 710. And first one in my batch to write GMAT and score above 700. I am sure others will follow suit soon.


Life Before CSquare:

I scored 660(49 Q, 31 V) after preparing for 3 months on my own and scoring regularly over 700 in GMAT prep and other test softwares as KAPLAN , Manhattan etc decided to give GMAT on Aug 25 2010. Unfortunately, my worst nightmare came true and I ended up with a all time low score .Even when I gave GMAT prep test first time without any prep my score was 670. Therefore, it had become very clear to me that Ineeded some expert advice on what am I doing wrong at the test. That’s when my friend Shayama, a student at CSquare referred me.

Life at CSqaure:

I didn’t blindly join CSquare. I had attended free workshops of 3 other institutes and didn’t feel that they could add any value to me. So why did I join CSquare?

1) Personal attention as class size is limited to 10.

2) Just 3 hours compared to 4-5 hours in other institutes

3) Classes only on weekends

4) Interest shown by the staff to your cause( I wanted to write GMAT before ISB’s
... deadline of 30th Nov).

Kalyan was our teacher during the entire course and in the first class itself I understood that I have invested my money in the right place. I did exactly what he told us to do in the class and never did anything extra. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised as how relaxed my preparation was. I spent max 2 hours per day towards my studies as I just concentrated on doing my homework with the concepts taught over the weekends and had enough time to work on my applications.

GMAT preparation:

After my course completion on 14 Nov 2010, I decided to write GMAT on 27th Nov . During this time I wrote a total of 6 GMAT Preps and had scores of 700, 690, 690,760,690,760.

After the first 2 tests I was bit disappointed as my scores were lower than what I was scoring in practice tests before joining CSquare. That’s when Kalyan assured me that just follow the strategies 100% and be calm and you will see great results. Scores of 760 in two tests more or less convinced me, as 760 was my personal best. But more importantly the analysis of each test was crucial as the questions I was getting wrong were the ones where for some reason I didn’t follow the strategy.

Actual GMAT experience:

During the 12 days preceding the exam I made sure I am calm and my normal life is not affected. In fact, I was playing cricket tournament 4 days before my exam but without compromising on my GMAT Prep tests and analysis. From my experience in the first attempt I knew that staying calm is the most important thing in acing GMAT. A fact also highlighted multiple times in class by Kalyan.

On the exam day, I just followed my normal routine and went to the test with a very positive and confident frame of mind. On reaching the venue, I just went through all the strategies in my head and visualized success and voila ended up with a score of 710( 50 Q, 35 V) 92% and a 5 in AWA section.

In the hindsight, I feel that if I had more time I could have scored better as I would have improved my speed in Verbal as I had not perfected my time management. I actually was doing a passage with 10 mins left but still stuck to the strategy. Overall, I will take 710 any day compared to a 660.

Key Take away from my experience for scoring 700+ score on GMAT:

1) Do all your research before joining CSqure. Once you join all you need do is implement the strategies taught.

2) Be calm during the test

3) Believe in yourself

Rahul Saxena

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