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It gives me immense pleasure to share my experience on the GMAT exam wherein my score was 700 (Quant: 50 Verbal: 33).

Quant was my strength conceptually. However there were always silly mistakes which I noticed even during my practice sessions. So as Csquare rightly stresses that we need to make it as manual as possible. I will like to share a few salient points about my preparation that can help you as well.


1) Concentrated on OG10 & OG11 for Quantitative. Besides The Official guides I looked at a few permutation & combination, probability topics from outside. During my GMAT attempt, I found atleast 3- questions on Perm & Comb & Probability topics.

2) Make sure you solve the questions as manually as possible

3) Remember there are various approaches to solve a problem - like solving a proper equation, putting values, etc, It is very important that you start a problem with the right approach that shall mainly come through practice and by following the CSQRL’s strategies.

4) Time was never an issue for me in quant. However few questions were really tricky and consumed more than 3 minutes. One might have to skip couple of such questions incase there is shortage of time. As rightly said by Csquare I Skipped! Skipped!! Skipped!!!

5) Read the question carefully as stressed by Csquare almost in all classes.

With respect to verbal wherein I found it difficult to maintain accuracy vs time balance. I noticed that if I tried to maintain accuracy, I was able to reach only 35-36 questions. So instead of randomly solving questions I started solving questions in a GMAT exam pattern (bunch of 41 questions (mix of SC, RC and CR) from OG to be solved in 75 min with time tracking for each questions. I noticed that I was spending extra minutes on few questions in general and while reading the RC passage. So as Csquare Learnings mentions I skipped few SC if I was not able to apply rules rather than attempting them and not being able to solve questions towards the end. My verbal was initially really bad and that’s when Csquare provided the good understanding of the GMATism that helped me oversome my weakness.

For the AWA essays, I followed the format blindly provided by Csquare and scored 5.0.

Finally, Csquare provides a very good understanding required for GMAT. One needs to understand his/her weakness and strengths and fine tune the approach.
Praveen Gupta

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