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I gave my GMAT on 5th of July. Got a score of 710(50 in Quant, 36 in Verbal). Below is my journey.

I joined CSquare in March. I earlier did some coaching with career launcher for CAT. That experience was pathetic. It's like it was zero effort from their side. Just giving books doesn't make any difference. I was not satisfied with my CAT experience and so wanted to go for GMAT. I searched on NET for institutes. Found IMS but I just don't want to repeat the same mistake. Then in I found one thread referring Kalyan.


I went to Kalyan to check out. His confidence level in his tactics and smart work really pushed me to join the institute. I knew I won't regret this decision :)

Rashmi started taking my classes. Believe me from the start to the end it was effortless. These two guys have done their homework :). It was like hard work was done from their side. I was just following them :) In my first diagnostic test I scored 530(41 in Quant, 19   in Verbal). That disappointed me a lot. I asked them whether I need to put more efforts and the answer I got was flat NO. Their confidence in their strategies and testimonials I went through gave me the confidence that the same will work for me also.

Earlier I thought we would be given lots of material for practice. Well, only thing we were asked to do were 11th OG and 10TH OG. I used to ask a lot about more practice questions but now I believe that OG is sufficient. Just want to add here that you will find some of the questions from 10th OG directly in the real exam. So it will be great if you have done 10th OG few times.

There strategies for verbal are really very good. With practice your speed and accuracy will definitely increase. I was following Rashmi and Kalyan blindly :). In my second test I scored 650(49 in Quant, 27 in verbal). That increased my confidence but at the same time this was not the score I wanted. So I kept on putting efforts. I always tried to complete my assignment on time. So at the end I didn't had any backlog. Please make sure you do the assignments on time. Try as much as possible not to leave anything for future. Fortunately I didn't had much work in office at the initial stage so it was comfortable going.

After the second test, I got fever. Fortunately, Kalyan was shifting to the new building so I had 2 weeks to recover :). I gave my 3rd test and scored 690(37 in Verbal and 49 in Quant). Our classes were over by then and I was going on leave for 15 days. Work was quite hectic for that period and I just couldn't read anything. But I didn't have any backlog so I didn't feel much pressure. I went on leave and on the first day itself went down with viral fever. That took me 7-8 days for recovery. After that I had 1 week so I kept on practicing the strategies and watching a lot of TV :). On 3rd I gave another test and scored 720(50 in Quant, 36 in Verbal).

On the D day...

On 4th I went to see my center once. I chilled out whole day and watched 2-3 movies. On 5th I reached MG road at 11:30. Went for one cheese burger. As my exam was at 1:45, I didn’t want to take heavy lunch as it will make me feel sleepy. I had 2 snickers with me. The center was calm (unexpected as it is beside a heavy traffic road). I did the formalities and wrote my essay following Kalyan's template. In the break I finished one snicker and took some water. After that I did quant. I found some questions directly from 10TH OG. The paper was OK. I didn't want to think how it went and enjoyed my break with a snicker :). I was in mindset that I would give it again if it didn't go well. I went for verbal. I didn't find any difficult passage and questions were fine. After the exam you have to fill some forms. I kept my fingers crossed and went for Report Scores. Not disappointed :)

My Advice...

Please follow Csqrl 100%. They know exactly what they are doing. Try to keep as less backlog as possible. Don't try to go for any other material and do the OG as told by these guys. And very important, don't take quant lightly. Even if you are very good please do the OG at least twice. The only strategy in math is to follow each and every step in notebook as time is not a constraint but accuracy is. Best of luck to all.



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