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The quality and number of applicants competing for the world’s most selective graduate schools climb each year. As they do, the humble admissions essays become increasingly decisive in helping MS programs choose the applicants who will be admitted from the also–rans.

Understanding this need of Csqrl is highly delighted to offer its Admission Counseling services with the excellent team of experienced admissions consultants.

Our services
| Profile Evaluation & Selection of the colleges |

Selecting a college that makes you a best fit and helps you stand out is first step towards your success in College admissions for Master Degree Programs

At Csqrl, our admissions team (comprises of Csqrl Adcom Consultants, various TOP Graduate colleges alumni, and admission managers of Premier Graduate Colleges) thoroughly analyzes your profile and understand your personal background, education, work experience, achievements and goals in detail. After a meticulous and through evaluation of your application, our admissions team will give a list of BEST COLLEGES that you can apply.

Our essential objective in selecting right colleges for you is to increase the chances of admissions substantially.

| Statement of Purpose |

Statement of Purpose essay is one of component of your application over which you have the greatest control. From the themes you choose to encompass your profile and the stories you select to illustrate them, to the lessons you draw and the tone you adopt Graduate schools give you the reins to shape how they will perceive your candidacy.

This is what exactly our admissions consultants will help you with. With Csqrl admission consultant guidance you will be able to select the themes, stories in your personal, academic and professional life that will give you a cutting edge position over competition.

We ensure that your essays instantaneously create a great impression about you to Graduate school Admissions Committee.

| Recommendation Letters |

Recommendation letters form an integral part of your Graduate School Admissions. Admissions committee takes recommendation letters very seriously. Hence it could be a make or break for your Graduate school admission.

Csqrl guides you thoroughly on content for Recommendation letters, so that you submit an outstanding recommendation letters that not just helps you get an admission but also helps you getting a Funding/Financial Assistance.

| Application Review |

As most of the application submission has become online, it is very important that you take extreme care in filling in the application and sending them the right credentials as per the requirement.

Our Admissions consultant can assist you in submitting right application to right college by reviewing the entire application thoroughly.


Contact our sales team for more details:

Bangalore :- 080-41132649, Mob: +91-9900002757 Email: info@csqrl.com

Hyderabad :- + 91-8121012757, Email: infohyd@csqrl.com


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