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................................................................Feedback from the students

...Strategy:    I had only heard of strategies when I prepared earlier but now it has changed in totality the way I tackle a question as I follow the well-researched CsquareL strategies and see how wonderfully it works it adds up to my confidence. I thank my institute for the same...

Instructor: The Trainer has been extremely helpful and competent teacher. This is evident from the fact that within a span of less than a month all my pre conceived notions of gut feeling, looks good type answers have vanished. I think and validate my answers now only in terms of rules, which make a sentence clear and concise. I am an online class student and many a times there are technical snags because of internet connectivity. But I am amazed by my trainer’s composure even in this. Never ever could I find an iota of irritation in her, instead she repeatedly attempts to fix the problem from her side. This makes me realize the level of professionalism she imbibes.

- Amitava Mittra


..Please find my feedback below:

From day 1 I felt that I am at the right place and I made the apt choice. I feel myself as fortunate enough to be part of Csquare...

The trainer has helped me in understanding the rules and strategies to handle various kinds of questions effectively. My confidence levels have increased from day 1. I am very happy to have learnt the unique CsquareL strategies. Prior to joining Csquare I always felt exhaustive to solve more than 30 Sc/ 3 RCs per day but I am comfortable solving around 60 SCs and 5 RCs day without experiencing fatigue.

I have been helped to understand how I should approach each question. The trainer puts in extra effort to ensure I have understood each and every concept. She has always made things very easy. In a sentence acknowledging her efforts I would like to say Tusse great ho.

Amid all these positives I personally feel the Csquare course is bit costly. I wished if this package were included with Admission counseling and Application preparing strategies.
In sum, I would recommend every aspirant of GMAT to be part of Csquare and discover the winning formula.

- Sajid


..I had a great time tutoring for GMAT. CSquare strategies are unique and incomparable. I like my trainer's distinctive approach to get things done on time and in line with schedule...

Varsha has great time management skills. NO matter what, she is always on time for each class. She is a true professional.  Csquare is highly disciplined and centered on work ethics environment suited for most Western people.  After 10 years of work experience and obviously stay aloof from any competitive exams, I thought achieving a score above 700 at this point in my career would be next to impossible. After each class with my trainer at Csquare my objective seemed to be getting more realistic and achievable.  

Good luck to all!!

- Suma Polepalli


...First of all thanks to my trainer who evaluated my strengths and weaknesses and guided me accordingly...

These are few key points which I found during the course tenure

  1. Course objective was clearly articulated at the beginning of the class.
  1. Trainer had optimum amount of knowledge about the subject, summarizes and emphasizes major points in discussion and makes good use of examples.

  2. Trainers at CSQRL provide helpful feedback on assignments and class work and seem to know when students don't understand any concept in the material.

  3. CSQRL is genuinely concerned with the student’s progress.
- Vandana


...I sincerely appreciate the time spent on the online classes conducted for me and even for the additional time spent on reviewing my doubts and helping me with all possible test cracking strategies...

CSQRL’s teaching was very helpful and gave me enough confidence for going ahead with the test.

I especially appreciate Csquare Learning’s for appointing the best of the people as there staff who is always out there to help us and forbearing students like me J.. I will also use the networking resources (Yahoo Groups) you recommended to further my preparation for the test.

There can hardly be any suggestion from my end as it was the best of the coaching’s I have ever taken and was elaborated to the best of my understanding.

Again, thank you so much for your help.

- Ismat Khan


...I would like to place on record the feedback on the online course I have recently attended from C Square Learnings....

Miss Varsha Agarawal .

At the outset I would like mention about my self. I am a post graduate civil engineer, with 25 years of managerial experience in Indian Army. I was beaten twice by the GMAT and this will be my third attempt to beat the GMAT.

Thankfully, I have chosen C Square for putting me into right track to beat this monster called GMAT. My first session with Mr Kalyan made me to realize that this is the place where GMAT is dissected, analysed and put in a form which is palatable to the students.

At the end of the course, I can say with confidence that The logo of C Square is true to its writings “No body knows GMAT like we do”. I think the course content and the study material is exactly what is required , no more, no less.
Now, I must say about my trainer. She is the most efficient, professional and knowledgeable teacher, I have ever come across in my life span of 40 years. She is very patient, sincere to the profession and to the common goal of making me to win GMAT. Many times she explained my doubts giving simple real life examples and made the preparation like a cake walk. She is always supportive, motivates me to work harder, little strict in ensuring that I do my home work and of course apply myself when I interact with her in the class. Her style, methodology, and communication skills are par excellent and she made me to understand each nuance of the curriculum very well. One will wonder all this happened only online and no personal interaction except one first meeting when I joined the course.

I had faced some problems initially with the WEB EX as two way communication could not be established. However, later I found that the problem is with the internet connection and nothing else. Some times when you work hard to get the communication through you will pay maximum attention to the class to get the maximum benefit. I did the same and now entering the first step of systematic preparation.

As of now I am very confident that I am not alone in this battle and the C Square is behind me, particularly my trainer and I am confident of winning the challenge.

My deepest and most sincere thanks goes to my trainer Miss Varsha and I am sure that she will push me further to achieve my dream.

- With warm regards,
K Siva Ram,



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