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................................................................Feedback from the students



...I am from Hyderabad. I found the CSQRL classes really helpful. The timings for me were too flexible...

Before joining C SQUARE I was really scared about RC but now I feel quite confident. I liked the strategy of solving Data Sufficiency questions especially Yes or No type. The way in which doubts are discussed in the class is really good. I will also like to mentioned that the number of students in the class are limited that definitely makes C SQUARE better than other institutes.

- Vineet Kanodia


...Thanks to my trainer for all the guidance and the tips that we got during the classes. The trainer at Csquare Learnings has sufficiently equipped us with the right motivation...

As feedback:

1. The trainer was a good teacher as she knew the art of teaching very well.

2.  Test Taking Strategies was great and I liked the confidence that trainers at Csquare have to make GMAT look like ridiculously easy especially when they say in Maths we need to do only 28Qs to hit 51 and just 23 – 24Qs to hit 46 - 48 :-)
Thanks once again to my trainer for the well done job and you have really given us the right path to follow towards our GMAT and finally making inroads to the top B Schools. 

Keep it up and God Bless!

- Georgen


... Hi,

My feedback is as follows- Trainer: You have been excellent throughout the course of time...

We have enjoyed the training sessions along with you and definitely appreciate your commitment to train the batch even at times when your health didn't permit to do so. The highlight of your training has been the delivery mechanism and methodologies of applying the rules.

I shouldn't forget to add that the trainees have been excellent in participating in these sessions. There has been learning among all of us from one another and its been fun overall.

The overall experience with you and your training sessions has been excellent.

- Kiran


...Hello guys,

Hats off to the training that my CSQRL trainer has given us.

The training has gone so perfect that everyone in our batch is now able to realize ' Gmat can be won '. It is a transformation for every one of us. Hope we add more colorful feathers by getting a 700+ score.

I consider teaching one of the most precious jobs to do. You have done it well.

Wishing you good luck

- Prahalad N.


...I remember the day when I was seriously searching Google for an institute for my GMAT and I stopped at C-Square....,


Then I met the counselor finally with the thought of getting through the exam and after I got a clear picture of how actually GMAT is I decided to join Csquare.

In my first class, where you taught us the tricks and traps of GMAT, I really mesmerized at the enthusiasm and the energy levels of my trainer and that’s when I added a tag for her
She deserves that.
She was at your best to teach all the things that one can learn about GMAT- the strategies, tricks, the support, guidance, teaching the things in a well organized manner, motivation....every thing every thing about GMAT. I can never forget my days at C-square.

I am of biological science back ground and feared math but my trainer made it easy for me.

I really thank C-square and specially my trainer for everything......



...I had great time GMATting with CSQRL and they have completely worked it out for me i.e. how GMAT works and how we have to work...

I had lots of praises in particular to my trainer. I admire her confidence levels and professionalism. From the day one in her class I felt that “she knows exactly what she’s doing and what to do to get best results”.

I feel the best features of CSQRL are knowledge about the exam and personal attention to every student.

- Ravi




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